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Please read these terms of use carefully. By accessing our site or using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree, and are bound by these terms.



Alchemy Prints may modify these terms and conditions at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified version on the Site. Your continued use of the Site shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified terms and conditions. However, contracts concluded on the basis of previous terms and conditions remain unaffected but you have to prove the terms which are applicable.

Orders placed by you are accepted and all contracts are made subject to these terms and conditions which shall prevail and be effective notwithstanding any variations or additions contained in any order or other document submitted by you. No modification of these terms shall be binding upon Alchemy Prints/Alchemy  or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (hereafter ‘Alchemy ’) unless made in writing by an authorised representative of Alchemy .

Data protection and privacy



Alchemy Prints agrees to treat your 3D file as strictly confidential. It will use the design file to produce the model and it will not share the file with a third party unless it is required for production reasons. This third party will apply the same level of confidentiality as Alchemy Prints guarantees towards you. Alchemy 3d Prints reserves the right to use images of your product on our websites or social media pages/accounts for promotional purposes only.


By submitting orders:

  • you consent to the processing of data personal to you, such as your name and title, address, telephone number, contact details and other personal details (“Personal Data”), in accordance with the terms of Alchemy ; subject to the situation that these Personal Data are required to process your order and to fulfill our legal obligations.

  • you acknowledge that the processing of your Personal Data is necessary for the performance of the contract and you consent to such processing.

In certain circumstances Alchemy Prints may seek additional personal information such as photocopies of identification documents or credit cards for example for identity verification or fraud prevention purposes. Where such additional information is submitted to Alchemy  it shall also be regarded as “Personal Data”.

The Personal data are collected by Alchemy Prints in order to :

  • fulfill its obligations under any sale and purchase contract and any other contract with you

  • ask your opinions on its products and services 

  • provide you with the latest products and services information

  • improve the products and services for you

Alchemy Prints will not disclose Personal Data to entities and persons, other than Alchemy , (“third parties”) without your consent, except in the cases below.

Personal Data may be disclosed to third parties to enable compliance with legal obligations to which Alchemy  or its Affiliates are subject.

Personal Data may be disclosed to third parties to enable them to provide services for or on behalf of, or at the direction of, Alchemy  or other Alchemy  Companies. In such cases, Alchemy Prints takes measures to ensure that the third parties comply with Alchemy ’s privacy policy and that such recipients:

  • do not use Personal Data other than for the purposes permitted;

  • obtain and process Personal Data only on condition that they secure that Personal Data from unauthorised use and adopt and comply with similarly stringent policies and terms on Personal Data protection and use; and

  • comply strictly with applicable laws.



Alchemy  warrants that the printed model shall substantially meet the features of the ordered model within the limitations of the current 3D printing technology. Alchemy  will decide solely about the building orientation of the model. A printed model cannot be refused because of the chosen printing orientation. Because of production reasons (different print orientation, composition of raw materials,...), there may be minor visual differences between multiple copies of one model.

If given designs on paper, email, digital model or any other media, Alchemy is not responsible for the functionality of the design once printed if the prints meet the specifications of the design given. If no precise measurements or design specifications are given and are left to interpretation by Alchemy, Alchemy is not responsible for the functionality of the project, part, items printed if you as the customer/client signed off on the design to be printed.


Term of delivery – Risk of transport

The average time required to produce the model is about 10 working days. This is a preliminary indication, but does not bind Alchemy Prints in any way. The actual delivery time is determined by a number of circumstances, for example (but not included to) working conditions applicable at the time the agreement is concluded, on the punctual delivery of the materials ordered by Alchemy Prints for the execution of the order.

Should your payment details be incorrect, the delivery will be postponed until the correct information is received from you.

Alchemy Prints uses its discretion in selecting a reputable carrier and appropriate means of delivery. All risks during transport are borne by you.

Inspection - Returns – Replacements – Refunds

As the products are made immediately on the basis of your specifications, there is no right to return or possibility for cancelling your order within a certain period of time.

Upon delivery of the product, Alchemy Prints expects that you submit the product to a thorough inspection. If, upon inspection, you feel that the product is not in conformity with the order, you should contact us as soon as possible and at the latest 14 days after your receipt of the product. In the case that you omit to exercise this control or decides to use a non-conform product, you dismiss Alchemy  from any liability for the possible consequences of the usage of this product.

You should not return products without having received an explicit request from Alchemy Prints to do so.

Alchemy Prints reserves the right to revoke and/or modify (part of) a quotation and/or order confirmation for technical reasons. The liability of Alchemy Prints vis-à-vis you for real and proven damage will, regardless the gravity of the failure, be limited to the price of the product directly related to the reason of the claim. All other liability of Alchemy Prints, such as that for consequential loss, other indirect loss and loss as a result of third party liability, is excluded.


Price - Payment

The prices, charged upon placement of the orders, are calculated based on building types with a certain attainable level of detail. Due to technical reasons, it may be impossible for certain models to be produced in the requested material-surface-color-quantity combination. In such cases, Alchemy Prints undertakes best effort to contact you. In any case, Alchemy Prints then reserves the right to either build the part with a different thickness and/or switch to another production technique, and apply any modification to the order (such as modification of price, of terms/term of delivery, …) resulting from such decision.
Alchemy Prints shall not share your uploaded design file with a third party, unless it is required for production reasons. This third party will be bound to a similar level of confidentiality as Alchemy Prints is towards you.

Alchemy Prints maintains records of orders and allow you to have access to it for an indefinite period. Alchemy Prints recommends that you keep a printed copy of these terms and conditions as well as a copy of the order confirmation and invoice.


The price calculated by Alchemy Prints contains the cost for the services rendered by Alchemy Prints, the manufacturing of the product and the shipment of the product, as well as taxes when applicable. There is no insurance. Other duties and taxes applicable for the delivery of the product, even if not mentioned in the invoice sent by Alchemy , will be paid by you.

The price is calculated in DOLLAR . Offsetting against any kind of non-approved counter-claims as well as execution of right of retention of goods shall be excluded unless established in court, undisputed or recognised by Alchemy . Alchemy  remains the sole owner of the products until their entire payment, transport and taxes included.

Separate parts of a quote can be invoiced separately. Alchemy Prints reserves the right to refrain from execution of further components of a quote, or of a following quote, or to terminate a delivery, as long as the outstanding issued invoices remain unpaid. Alchemy Prints retains full legal title to products until it has received in full all amounts due on those products and payment on any other products that you have ordered.

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