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                                         Miniatures & Terrain

At Alchemy 3d Prints, our machines are set up for the finest of detail work. You provide the digital model (STL or OBJ file) and we print it. We offer some of the highest quality  printed miniatures and tabletop gaming terrain in the industry. We offer resolutions down to .02mm with 8x Anti Aliasing, making for the smoothest, highest detailed models available. All of our miniatures are printed using our high detail SLA resin machines. Start by visiting our "Custom mini" page to upload your digital file to us or visit our Terrain Shop or Miniature shop to choose from our current inventory. See below for our miniature pricing! And remember, all orders over $100 receive free shipping!

High resolution
Starting at $15.99
These miniatures are printed at more then twice the resolution of our competitors at .02mm with 8X Anti Aliasing. At this resolution, no layer lines will be visable, making these miniatures ideal for painting and display pieces.  Your miniatures will come cleaned & primed, ready for paint.

Want a custom mini designed by YOU? head over to Heroforge by clicking the link below, design your perfect mini, then bring your file back here to upload to us to print at high quality at a great price!! 


Scenery & Terrain

We offer a wide range of models for you to choose from, or you can upload a file to us to have printed. All of our terrain is printed on high quality FDM printers. We print in a sturdy material called PLA that can handle all the abuse of your games while still capturing all the detail you require in your tabletop scenery. whether its small interior set pieces or a castle battlement, call or contact us for a free quote, or visit our Terrain Shop to purchase from our selection of models.